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Our story

Pi Capital, founded by husband-wife duo Paritosh and Samantha, is seeking to purchase an established business in Canada to build and run for the long term and carry on the founders' legacy. We bring extensive operating experience in building and managing businesses and will be credible successors for a business.

Paritosh has built businesses in diverse industries in Canada and Asia over the last 11 years. As CFO and COO, he has helped acquire and build a $1 billion+ mining business, a $300 million financial services technology business and a $250 million car rentals business. He derives joy from mentoring people and enabling them to grow in their careers.

Samantha, an MBA from the University of Virginia, has 9 years of experience in investment advisory, investment management and finance. Most recently she managed $180 million of investments for Microsoft's computer devices market in North America. She loves to get to know people (and their pets) beyond small talk level.

They both come from business families and appreciate what it takes to build and run a company for the long term.

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